Young Spillers

by J. Marinelli



released April 21, 2012


all rights reserved



J. Marinelli Morgantown, West Virginia

J. Marinelli is a one man band like no other. The sound and fury that emotes from his haunting Appalachian echoed yowl falls somewhere between Guided By Voices, a lost mountain troubadour and a classic 70’s punk outfit from your dreams.
- Subversive
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Track Name: Doves and Vultures
I know some hot young spillers
man and ladykillers
gonna pick you up just for a letdown
and you'll walk home frustrated thru the streets of your town

And it's all so boring
'cos you never score
no matter how many beds and bars are waiting
one day you'll wake up loveless and find it's you you're hating

Don't mean to let the gas out your balloon
But their pettiness is stinking up the room
Don't need them if they don't want you for you
You got so many better things to do

Ain't the first to be tricked
into being a victim
Man it's just a symptom of our culture
Impossible to tell between the doves and vultures

Living off the carcass of a scene that marked us once
When we had a healthier agenda
Thus it hurts that much more to see how far they'll bend you

Don't mean to let the gas out your balloon
But their pettiness is stinking up the room
Don't need them if they don't want you for you
You got so many better things to do

Leave them all behind
Don't throw your pearls at swine
It's not you.
Track Name: 20 Class A Cigarette Burns
And so it came that she began to doubt her own precious vision,
she said to herself, "I'm going into this with my eyes prone and open.

Oh we pay through the heart for what we've always understood as complementary - understood as complementary.

She met me halfway to nail me in the dust of my petty cowardice:
"I know you hate me baby but it's safe enough with everyone but you."

The morning after's nausea comes quickly,
on call to purge us of the faith that makes us sickly,
and if she wants to know what's wrong,
(ask) my Tanqueray, and my Barrett Strong,
and if she lets me wait my turn
I'll show her all my 20 class a cigarette burns,
Track Name: You Are Dismissed
You are dismissed
You got two faces and I wanna rearrange them both
You're always in the piss
With your crazy pills and shit-talk, a tick on a bloodless host
A middle finger from the safety of the safety glass
While ***-****, ****, and I were busy draining our glasses
Ran outside to chase you down but you was hot-footin' it up the pleasant pleasant pleasant Pleasant Street

So I cupped my hands at the side of my mouth and
I shouted something so characteristically sarcastic
To make shit of your shit-talk and iron out your irony
Dont ever fuck with me
Or any of my friends
Or my girlfriend
Or any of her friends
This is the sweet sweet end
And the good guys won
The summer's barely begun
Its gonna be some kinda fun
I would compile a list
Of grievance after grievance but I'm sure that it would take too long

You don't need a scientist
To figure out that for years I've been right and baby you've been wrong
Like a great man said I'm glad to see you go goodbye
More than happy just to know that you'll be evil on your own time
And maybe twenty years from now you might give a sincere apology
To ***-****, ******, and me
And to the local music scene
For all the human puppetry
And all the bad poetry
To every person you have used
For every privilege you've abused
And while you may not be excused
You are dismissed

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