Triumph of the Shrill

by J. Marinelli



Recorded December 2016 in Traverse City, MI


released January 1, 2017


all rights reserved



J. Marinelli Morgantown, West Virginia

J. Marinelli is a one man band like no other. The sound and fury that emotes from his haunting Appalachian echoed yowl falls somewhere between Guided By Voices, a lost mountain troubadour and a classic 70’s punk outfit from your dreams.
- Subversive
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Track Name: Charlevoix, Voided
Voided out you haven't noticed
Charlevoix you lack a present-mindedness
Interstate, a sweet low stasis
Burned out from the hold to the chasis

So what's the prediction
Buckle to boredom's diction now

Midwest a restless wartime
A trail of tears in 4/4 time
The radiopiate's not an option
Keeps us divided and in line, online

So what's the projection
Lake-deep youthquake impression now
Track Name: The Why & the How
You're going zero to Jimmy in a 1 2 3
And you're losing friends in an 8 9 10
And you ain't gonna have no one in 4 3 2 1
the spell's been broken now
Hope you suss why and how

State your case but no jury believes you
I wouldn't hold my breath for some judge to reprieve you
Ain't gonna stand trial I've got the world as my witness
And what you say behind my back ain't none of my business now
Hope you suss why and how

My rear-view is clear and my house un-haunted
Still you lie to yourself, make believe you're still wanted
And of the time I have left I'm gonna make the most
Ain't gonna sit around at home arguing with ghosts, not now
Hope you suss why and how
Track Name: Triumph of the Shrill
Your synapses are hazy
Unlike to pitch a hope
Beyond the scope of your own pride

Your bluster doesn't faze me
I'll duck below the fray
Await the turning of the time

And of this means I've got to hold my own
I know I'll not go it alone

Your fallacies are lazy
Un-wired to self-reflect
And respect the losing side

And while you're talking crazy
My stronger hand is lent
To prevent your downward slide

And in these echo chambers of their design
The fault is neither yours nor mine
Track Name: If Hitler Had Twitter
If Hitler had Twitter
He's piss out his struggle
In twice-daily installments
Of 140 tiny characters
To the delight of his frightened followers
If Hitler - if Hitler had Twitter

And if Albert Speer had an Instagram
He'd populate your iPhone
With a cadre of blonde-haired, blue-eyed drones
Black jackboots on French cobblestones
To the delight of the alt-reich logged in at home
If Hitler-if Hitler had Twitter

Creep forward 80 years
Now exchange continents
Of malcontents and step away
In 2017 the triumph of the shrill
Has won the ever-dying day
What a shame it turned out that way
If Hitler had Twitter
Track Name: Gentrified Man
Gentrified man squirms
Nerves in his shoes
Weightless like a gas
Lit like a fuse
Sparse in new safety
Post-trauma pulse
Lie of new judgement
He accepts like a curse
And internalized
Under it all
Under it all
Blunder it all
Gentrified man knows
He's weak like a ghost
Soft like the past
Neither pre- nor post-
Post-trauma safety
Post-trauma pulse
Lie of new judgement
He accepts like a curse
And the soft bigotry
Of his health and efficiency runs
Under it all
Under it all

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