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The Big Listen E​.​P.

by J. Marinelli

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Process is motion, product is rest Repetition is a form of change Honor your intent as a secret mistake Rest unassured it stumps the best of us Your situation is hardly unique But it weakens your stride All in the same You try to retrace your steps Which is to blame for the big piss-take Piss-take by the lake?
Like a child of Eden I let it trace my chin Sap from the good Tree of Knowledge We lambs defame slaughter in His name And tyrants made in His image O comrade o comrade Think not of me a knave 'Twas traces resolved From which we evolved Found in the Lascaux Caves No Hellmouth below No means of control No reward for earthly kindness No lambs more sincere Than we, I fear With only empathy to guide us O comrade o comrade How might I bend your ear 'Twas dun mastodon And not black demon bones Found in the pits of La Brea Alas, alas, our race it won't last Yoked to your ancient mythos Depraved, enslaved, we shall not be saved From thine Apocalypso O comrade o comrade Save not for me a prayer The cosmonaut found naught, no god In the heavens when he was up there
Teenage DNA 02:01
Spike your step There's a big day coming No chance to walk When you're in the running Steeper cliffs give to awkward slips You best not lose your traction Closer to fifty now Than to twenty You've not sold out If you've got no money The adult crash left you unabashed To adjust your expectations Winsome So goddamn lonesome I'm gonna drop a truth bomb This is the bed you made, son You'd best un-fuck your head some Motorik clicks out motivation Harmonic breaks your hibernation The crash subsides The big grump hides And won't come out to play They’ll assume at once You’re just being clever But your stance is on A chromosomal level Life's more fun When you can't outrun Your teenage DNA
Let's take a torch To this torch song of yours The fire's gone out Extinguished by self-referred Text upon text Shouldn't you know what comes next A ruin of self Parody parody parody parody Let's take a drill To these telephone teeth Your bites weren't too sharp Nonetheless your disease-ridden Spit upon spit Though you'd never admit Has been passed around This here Quarantine quarantine quarantine Quarantine town Got a job in a hotel That sits atop an old landfill Cleaning rooms for minimum wage I'd do it anyway so I may as well get paid Former location of an old strip mine From '78 or 1979 Back before they had laws against it Like I learned in a class I took about it Called West Virginia History Taught by one Mister Tomkowski Way back when I was in 8th grade I hope they're nice to me on my first day Alright
With lungs of lake-silt on that Bland Traverse Shore We heap praise on anything we can ignore And fade it to the background like no much pink noise Drowned by the chiming cash register's voice And was this not the mythic monolith We thought we'd destroyed That noble, naive notion just won't take For pity's sake The mistake by the lake We celebrate all that is safe and mundane The fashions may differ, the function's the same No burning ambition to see past this scene All keen sets of ears with no thoughts in between And to our great embarrassment we thought we'd be the change That noble, naive notion just won't take For pity's sake The mistake by the lake


released August 6, 2018

Tracks 1,2, and 3 recorded by T.J. Hall at Studio Anatomy in Traverse City MI via 8-track analog tape, January 2018.

Track 4 recorded digitally by T.J. Hall at Right Brain Brewery in Traverse City MI, February 2018.

Track 5 recorded by J. Marinelli via 4-track cassette, November 2017.

Mastered in Broadway, VA by Tucker Riggleman, July 2018.

All songs/sounds (C) and (P) Pertnere Music 2018

Thank you.


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



J. Marinelli Morgantown, West Virginia

J. Marinelli is a one man band like no other. The sound and fury that emotes from his haunting Appalachian echoed yowl falls somewhere between Guided By Voices, a lost mountain troubadour and a classic 70’s punk outfit from your dreams.
- Subversive
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